Honours programme

The VU Honours programme

The Honours Programme offers several advantages to our students. Only a select group of motivated, talented students can participate in the programme. The programme draws upon the expertise of our top faculty members. Special courses are developed, that are only accessible to honours students. These courses are characterized by small classes (10-20 students), a high degree of teacher-student interaction and for free (no extra charge of tuition fees).

All honours courses you pass appear as extracurricular courses on your BSc diploma. Upon successfully completing the entire programme, you receive a special BSc diploma stating that you have participated in the VU Honours Programme, and that you have completed your BSc degree within three years, with an average of at least 7.5 for your BSc courses and with an increased study load of 30 EC of honours courses. A successful completion of the Honours Programme is a nice addition to your CV and increases your future opportunities for follow-up studies, e.g., your chances to enter one of our top international research master programmes (MPhil), possibly leading to a future PhD.

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Lu Chen, HP
Lu Chen, International Business Administration
I am from China and completed my study International Business Administration (IBA) with a Finance track and the VU Honours Pogramme. The VU Honours Pogramme provided me with the opportunity to broaden my academic horizon and interact with talented students from different faculties and different universities. The courses were of great benefit to me because they were characterized by small classes which guarantee a high degree of teacher/student interaction.
Daniel Pinchasik, Economie en Bedrijfseconomie
Because I started a bit later, finishing my first two courses next to all my other activities it kept me quite busy. But hey, it pays off! On the basis of my CV and motivation, I have been selected for a Fulbright Scholarship Programme in Minnesota, USA; only two candidates from the Netherlands have been selected as well!
Daniel Pinchasik, HP
Chaoran Yang, HP -
Chaoran Yang, Business Administration
The Honours Programme gave me the opportunity to get the best out of myself. During the programme, I have met talented and disciplined students from my own faculty but also from other faculties and even other universities. Not only have I met new people during the interdisciplinary courses, I also got the opportunity to take part in the Netherlands-Asia Honours Summer School programme, which is a programme organised for Honours students. This programme was a fantastic experience and I have learned so much during that time. I also became member of Extensus, which is the study association for Honours students of all three universities in Amsterdam. This association organizes study trips, in-house days and other events only for Honours students. During my time as an active Extensus member, I went to several events organized by Extensus and the universities and I also participated in the Honours Student Council.

Harold Houba, Honours Coordinator (honoursprogramma.feweb@vu.nl)
Every year when reading the resumes of applicants to the HP, I am amazed about the many talents and the broad interests they have and the many activities and achievements they were involved in before arriving at our university. When I was a student, honours programmes did not exist, and nowadays I realize I really missed out on such a great opportunity.
Harold Houba, HP -