Risk Management for Financial Institutions

Semester 1: Foundations of Risk Management and Financial Institutions



Risk Management: introduction
• Philosophy of risk & uncertainty
• Sources of uncertainty, sources of risk
• Financial Markets: dynamics; supply, demand, liquidity, value and price
• Statistical Calculus on Uncertainty Probability and Risk
• An introduction to Methods of risk measurement, control and management

Financial Institutions; Archetypes, Balance sheets & Basis Business Model
• Characteristics & dynamics of Banks
• Characteristics & dynamics of Insurance Companies
• Characteristics & dynamics of Pension Funds
• Characteristics & dynamics of Asset Management Organizations
• Designing a financial institution: strategy & policy
• The relation and interaction between Strategy, Policy, Product development, Risk Profile

The information will be supported by case studies on the following topics:
• Cases on ‘Success and Failure’ of Financial Institutions in the last years
• Cases on Risk Detection & Risk Problem Solving

Other semesters

Semester 2 (Risk) Managing Financial Institutions, methods & techniques, rules & regulations
Semester 3 Risk Management & Financial Markets
Semester 4 Human Behaviour & Event Risk driven Risk Management