About SPINlab

The Spatial Information Laboratory (SPINlab) carries out research and education on spatial and geo-information at the VU University Amsterdam. We address issues such as land-use management, climate change, health care and mobile field work from the perspective of spatial information. We combine themes such as transport and natural risk management with innovative technologies such as wireless location services, web mapping, 3D visualization and ubiquitous computing. We aim to stimulate innovation in education through distance learning, wireless- and mobile learning.

SPINlab education

The SPINlab has applied its expertise to the development of an international spatial information management and GIS curriculum. By combining a strong academic and research focus to in-depth knowledge of the applied and business environment, the SPINlab can offer a wide range of education possibilities. More about education.

SPINlab research

The lab carries out research on geo-information sciences and spatial information management. The enphasis is on their added value to environmental protection, health care, emergency and risk management, field work, transport, distribution, logistics, and marketing. More about research.