Educational Activities

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Mirroring the Re/search activities, our Educational activities target both the internal VU Amsterdam student and teaching communities, as well as larger national and international academic and corporate communities. The focus of such activities is on both raising awareness as well as providing inspiration to educate, learn and (re)search, connected with the VU Amsterdam identity.

14 October 2016 – Servant-Leadership and Meaningful Work Program

Symposium 14 Oct 2016  

Available presentations:

25 April 2016 - Servant-Leadership and Social Capital

25 Apr 2016 - Servant-Leadership and Social Capital

Program and Information
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Workshop Social Capital in Africa and Beyond, by Stacey Links

21 September 2015, Servant-Leadership and Meaningful Work 

21 Sep 2015 - Servant-Leadership and Meaningful Work

Program, and available presentations

4 May 2015, Servant-Leadership across Crisis Situations
Program, photos, and available presentations

Across Crisis Situations

6 October 2014,Servant-Leadership across Life Paths
Program, and available presentations

Across life paths
14 April 2014, Servant-Leadership across the Arts: program, photos and available presentations

Across the Arts

27 September 2013, Servant-Leadership across Generations:program, photos and available presentations

Carolien van Bergen

22 April 2013, Servant-Leadership across Communities, program and photos

Across Communities

24 September 2012, Servant-Leadership across the Orient:  program, photos and available presentations

Across the Orient

26 April 2012, Servant-Leadership across Histories: program and photos and available presentations

26 April 2012 auditorium

3 October 2011, Servant-Leadership across Cyberspace: program and photos and available presentations


2 May 2011, on Servant-Leadership across Disciplinesprogram and photos and available presentations


22 November 2010,  Servant-Leadership across Higher Educationprogram and photos and available presentations


13 April 2010, Servant-Leadership across Cultures: programphotosAvenir Article and Nieuwe Leiders Article